Montadoro Gaspar De La Silva

Ordic Nobleman Explorer and Hunter of Big Game.


Skilled Aristocrat/Explorer. Armed with a heavy rifle to drop even the most stubborn beasts!

Montadoro Gaspar de la Silva. Few names inspire a true sense of nobility and adventure in Ord. Montadoro has become a household name. He is a figure known throughout the land as an intrepid explorer in service to the King himself. A man of wealth and fame whose adventures have given superior intelligence to the country keeping it from being crushed beneath the clumsy feet of the warring superpowers to the north and south. He is a man whom children pretend to be while exploring the local forest. The Silva family is renowned as first rate traders and maritime explorers of immense wealth, and direct friends to the throne. Montadoro is the youngest of four siblings, and thus has inherited a smaller portion of the family earnings. But he has found his own wilderness excursions more than enough to pay the bills…and entertain his easily bored mind. There are few places Montadoro has not set foot. Few riches he has yet to gaze upon. Few beasts, including the most dangerous game, which he has not yet hunted. While his family continues to generate wealth, he continues to generate fame as a man who has been everywhere and quite knowledgeable about the outside lands. Sadly, his lone adventuring days are all but over. He has been called home by the King to serve in his own way. As the wars around Ord grow ever larger and more violent, it is ever more difficult to stay out of the way of the opposing nations. Montadoro Gaspar de la Silva shall act as a scout, soldier, emissary, ambassador, and anything else necessary, in direct service to the crown to keep the peace. While these may not be the normal undertakings Montadoro is used to, the mission certainly does lend potential for grand adventure.

Montadoro Gaspar De La Silva

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