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The Iron Kingdoms is bleeding. Nearly every major nation has been locked brutal conflict with one another. But even more dangers are growing. Invaders from the far east seek to expand their empire through conquest. Arriving by blackships from isles to the west, ravenous undead hordes feast upon the slain and build their strength. Blighted tendrils descend from the frozen northern mountains, like fingers grasping for power. Hidden wars are waged in the shadows of nearly every gnarl, glade, and cavern of the continent.

Of the “lesser” nations, only Ord remains free of open hostilities. This impoverished realm dances upon the fine edge of a knife while attempting to keep its neutrality. Much of this success can be attributed to the tremendous charm and diplomatic skills of its monarch, King Baird II (affectionately aka the bandit king). Gifted with a silver tongue and a quick wit, he has made do with little resources to defend the realm.

The rumors are mounting, however, that internal defenses are increasingly strained. While boasting the mightiest fleet in Western Immoren, the standing army is woefully under supplied. Ord has never been a resource rich land and continues to trail far behind other nations in technological.

It is the mission of the Strangelight Workshop is to bridge that gap, while simultaneously guarding the realm again threats it is ill equipped to fight. You have been gathered because you are, simply put, the best of the best. Whether for coin, national pride, pressed into service to redeem yourself, or simply too dangerous to be allowed freedom, you are now an extension of the will of the great King Baird II. Defend his realm (at home and abroad), seize any lore/mechanika/individuals deemed valuable to the crown. Remain hidden from the attention of others and act as a knife in the dark to thrust into the heart of our would-be enemies!


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The Strangelight Hunters: An Iron Kingdoms Adventure

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