Felcyr Raefyll

Nyssian Sorcerer / Ranger


When Thgarosh freed Everblight’s Athanc and proceeded to conquor the Nyss, Felcyr was able to escape the enslavement that followed. He fled through Khador and into Ord ahead of the advancing dragonspawn. But he was unable to escape unscathed. In a skirmish with a blighted hunting pack, he was struck in the chest with a blighted arrow.

The blight works differently for each person. In Felcyr’s case it has not manifested itself as physical attributes but mental. Everblight is aware of Felcyr, and speaks to him through his blight. He urges attack, driving Felcyr to the point of frenzy. There is a constant tug of war over control of Felcyr’s body as his soul fights for control with the blight within.

Everblight seeks Felcyr for he is the one Nyss that has been able to maintain his individuality after being blighted. The combination of arcane skills and a powerful will make Felcyr a prize Everblight would love to have, and the same combination of traits is what makes him so valuable to the Strangelight.

Felcyr is seeking any means of ridding himself of the blight. He has sold his services to the Strangelight in hopes that they will lead him to a cure. Or a merciful death.

Felcyr Raefyll

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