Doctor Professor Jugaar

"Famed" Farrow Adventurer in Human Lands


Farrow Gifted Explorer/Sorcerer (Stone)


The enemy of my enemy is my friend, as the old saying goes. Given its neutral position, as well as its limited resources, Ord is in no position to contest the might of Khador along its northern or eastern borders. However, since the occupation of Llael, the fall of the Thornwood to Khador, and Cygnar’s war on many fronts, the list of King Baird’s potential allies grows smaller each day. Instead of looking to the established nations, the Bandit King has instead sent emissaries to the tribal peoples of Western Immoren, specifically refugee Nyss, displaced Trollkin kriels, and nomadic Farrow tribes, to establish “mutually beneficial arrangements”. Kriels have been offered land in the east of Ord, bordering the Thornwood, on the promise that they defend it. Nyss have been offered asylum in Ordic cities in exchange for arcane knowledge and intelligence from their scattered people across the north. Lastly, Farrow tribes have been offered weapons and supplies in exchange for promises to avoid raiding Ordic assets, and to convince their fellow tribes, especially the eastern Farrow confederation under the dominion of Lord Carver, BMMD Esq. III, to do the same.

In the case of the Farrow, who traditionally have the least positive interactions with humanity, the daunting task of establishing connections was facilitated by the unique personage of the so-called “Doctor Professor” Jugaar, a peculiar individual, even for a Farrow. Born in the wilds among the Wyrmwall Mountains, Jugaar has spent much of his life on the outskirts of human civilization. In the Farrow tradition, he gets coin any way he can: stealing, killing, or finding. He’s often paid to do one of these three things. When contacted by the Strangelight Workshop’s representatives to act as an agent in exchange for certain liberties abroad, the Doctor Professor was more than willing to serve as liaison between the Crown and tribes—an ambassador of sorts, but entirely off the record. His connections among not just Farrow tribes, but among many remaining kriels from the Gallowswood to the Upper Wyrmwall, make him a valuable asset to a nation attempting to secure its borders.

The good Doctor Professor is a Farrow explorer, adventurer, and “scholar”. Adventuring into the unknown “human” lands and documenting his trips there, he regales kriels, swampies, Farrow, Tharn, and others around the campfire with tales of the pathetic cave-dwellers and their bizarre foods, customs, and smells. He makes coin as a guide, escort, and liaison in the wilds, as well as through other, less legitimate means.

Acting variously as a mercenary, brigand, wilderness guide, and bounty-hunter, Jugaar’s connections outside of human cities, his skill with firearm and blade, and his use of primal sorcery earns him rates usually reserved for only the top sellswords. Like many Farrow who’ve had extended contact with humanity, Jugaar insists on adopting various aspects of human culture, from clothing and weapons to his forced speech and monikers. These attempts at civilized manner would be laughable if Jugaar did not possess the deadly skills for which he is known. If you plan to giggle about the Professor, make sure he’s not around.

Doctor Professor Jugaar

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